How To Rent



First create your free account with us, you’ll need photo ID.
Next, browse our collection by either item type or designer
When you find what you love, select the rental dates you need. You can message us to ask any questions before you rent an item. After payment, await your delivery! Just post the item back by the rental end date! For further queries in relation to renting, see our FAQ section. 

How to Lend

First create your free account with us (you’ll need photo ID and your bank account details) After account approval, upload your item(s) for rent using good quality photos, description, fit/size notes if possible.

Decide your rental rate, remember to include postage and dry cleaning costs in your daily rental rate. Then you just have to await rental requests! Remember to post out your item to the renter in time for the first day of the rental period. Ensure that the item is clean and securely packaged. We recommend getting a tracking number when posting.

After the rental period has ended, you’ll be paid for the rental within 1 week, minus the 15% website rental commission. You are responsible for any dry cleaning of your item after a rental period has ended.