How do I rent an item?
* First create your free account with us.
* Then 'search' for what you'd like to rent, you can search by designer, by item type/size/colour etc.
*When you find what you love, select the rental dates you need, and await the owners response!
*If your request is accepted for those dates, payment for the rental will deducted, and your item it will be sent out by tracked post in time for the first day of your rental period.
*After rental is over, just post the item back using tracked post, by the rental finish date! 

Can I buy an item?
If a Lender has an option to purchase an item, it will be displayed with a selling price under the listing. However if you don't see this, do contact us and ask and we will be happy to see if its an option!
What happens if the item i'm renting arrives in poor condition, not clean, or not as described?
Contact us as soon as you can with the issue, providing photos, and we will organise a refund if applicable.
Can I extend a rental duration?
If the item is not due out for another rental then it is possible to extend a rental period (for an additional charge) just contact us!
I have placed a rental or purchase order and want to cancel it, what do it do?
Follow the cancellation process under your account, noting the terms and conditions of cancelling
What happens if an item is damaged or lost during a rental?
If you are the renter of an item and have damaged it please contact us with information and photos and we will determine repair costs  - if applicable, so that you can pay this. If you are the Lender and have had an item returned damaged, please contact us with photos and information so we can resolve the matter. If the item is damaged beyond repair or lost, the replacement or market value of the item will be paid by the Renter as per our terms and conditions of renting. This amount will also be determined by the Rent my Wardrobe team.
What happens if an item doesn't arrive on time?
Please contact us and we will liaise with the renter to sort out the issue, applying a credit or refund if applicable.
What happens if an item I rent doesn't fit?
If you have any concerns about whether an item will fit you please pop us a message prior to renting so that we can determine from the renter based on your size/measurements/height. If however an item arrives and it genuinely doesn't fit you, you must notify us on the day it arrives and pop it back in the post. We will issue 100% credit note less postage. It is important that you try on the item on the day it arrives, and notify us on the same day, posting it back either that same day or the next day. 
How do I return an item after the rental period has ended?
Simply pop it back in the same packaging (if possible), and mail it back to the Lender using the address information provided, ensuring that you use a tracked/insured service. You do not need to dry-clean the item before returning it.

How do I Lend items from my wardrobe? 

What happens if my item is damaged or lost by the renter?
When will I receive payment for a rental?
Can I cancel a rental? When will I get my item back? How do I determine the rental price? Can I offer my item for sale as well as for rent? Who dry cleans the item after a rental? What happens my item doesn't fit the Renter? How do I get my item to the Renter? Can I pause or cancel my wardrobe? Can I Lend anything or are there requirements/restrictions