About Us

Victoria Toye lives in County Donegal with her husband and three sons.

Rent my Wardrobe was an idea I had when searching for an outfit to wear to a wedding. Looking at all the dresses hanging in my wardrobe, I was loathed to buy another new dress, realising that most dresses had only been worn once or twice. It was a waste of money to add yet another dress to the ‘worn once’ section of my wardrobe! Yet somehow there is always an appeal to wear something ‘new’ to a special event of wedding. I thought if only there was a system in Ireland that would allow me to not only hire out from someone else in Ireland, but also make good on the many outfits hanging in my own wardrobe that are rarely worn! Upon realising that this was a popular concept elsewhere in the world, the idea of peer-to-peer lending, Rent my Wardrobe was born!

The concept of renting rather than always buying, really is the future. The days of fast fashion are diminishing. Just think, you get all the thrill of wearing something fabulous to an event, at a fraction of the cost of buying it. What could be better! Look good, and save the planet while doing it!